9 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Ride Without Trading Cars

Like to ride in style? You don’t need a new car for a new experience. Here’s how you can upgrade your current ride without it costing a fortune.

Let’s be honest: your car gets old after a while. You get bored of the environment that you spend so much time in, and you start to get the itch for something new. Unless you happen to have thousands burning a hole in your pocket, though, you don’t have the luxury of buying a new car every time you want a change.

There are alternatives, though. Try these easy and affordable upgrades that will make your car feel new again.

1.   Keep It Neat with Car Seat Organizers

Sleek car seat organizers are as easy to use as they can be. They slide in between your seats and create a convenient and organized way to stash all your small essentials. Your change, pens, hand sanitizer, and more can be available at your fingertips while keeping your car looking neat and clean.

2.   Rejuvenate Your Mind with Our Natural Oil Car Diffusers

Scent is such a powerful sense, and it can completely change the way your environment feels. So take control of the environment in your car with a convenient portable oil diffuser. You can use any oil you like to create a soothing or energizing atmosphere right in your car.

3.   Bling It Up with a Rhinestone Steering Wheel Cover

Your car is an extension of your home. It’s a place where you should feel comfortable expressing yourself and your personal style. What better way to do that than with a rhinestone steering wheel cover that takes your car’s class to the next level?

4.   Relieve Those Tense Muscles Between Drives with a Neck Massager

We can all agree that a long drive isn’t always the most comfortable way to spend your time. It can lead to tense and sore muscles, especially in your neck. Solve that problem by keeping a convenient neck massager in your car to use while you’re taking a break from driving.

5.   Keep It Clean with a Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

It doesn’t matter how much care you take to keep your car clean. Even if you’re a pro at eating while you drive, it’s inevitable that dirt, dust, or other small unwanted bits will collect on your carpets. Instead of letting it all build up and then spending your Saturday cleaning the car, keep a portable car vacuum cleaner in your car so you can clean up small messes when they appear.

6.   Prop Up Your Phone with a Phone Holder

GPS and mapping apps have made it far easier to find new places as you drive, but they’re not very helpful if you can’t see your phone while they’re navigating. Grab a charging phone holder that keeps your phone visible while charging it as you drive.

7.   Add a Spark to Your Car’s Interior with a Ceiling Light

Who says your car interior has to be dull and run-of-the-mill? Turn any drive into a party when you install a ceiling light in your car. It’s the perfect way to liven up an evening drive or pump up yourself and your passengers while you’re heading out for a night on the town.

8.   Make the Car Fido-Friendly with a Pet Seat Cover

Dogs are famous for their love of car rides. They’re also famous for leaving your car seats covered in fur. A pet car seat cover keeps all that fluffy fur contained to the cover so you can just take it out and wash it.

9.   Tote All the Kids’ Supplies with Back Seat Organizers

When you have kiddos in the back seat, they add an entirely new element to your drive because now you have to keep them entertained and cared for. A back seat organizer makes all of this easier. Just keep your kids’ favorite on-the-road supplies in the organizers so they’re always accessible.

Reinventing Your Car

Whether you enjoy driving around for fun or your car is just a way to get from point A to point B, your car should be a comfortable place. To give it an easy and affordable upgrade with simple accessories, shop our car accessories today. 


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